The Thoughts of Parenting

How Your Mind Works on the thoughts of parenting.

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Our thoughts are very powerful because they trigger the emotions we feel and our emotions trigger how we react to things on a daily basis.

Have you ever watched a really good thriller and gone to bed only to lie awake wondering did you lock the back door, did you set the alarm, what’s that noise? Maybe it wasn’t a cat? As your heart begins to race and your bladder is painfully shouting at you to be emptied. You cautiously tip toe to the bedroom door, can of hairspray in hand, hearing the voice inside your head screaming “don’t go out there, there’s a mad man out there in the dark with a hatchet….”

This is the power of your mind. You can use it to scare the shit out of yourself or to worry, worry, worry or you can train your mind to do some amazing, useful things for yourself.

The Parenting Worry-Go-Round

In this day and age its very easy to worry, worry, worry and over think EVERYTHING. All this excess worrying and the associated shitty feelings, guilt being the biggest one here for parents, soon begin to leak into your family life.

So as you carry on with your daily life the racing thoughts in your head continue to spin you faster and faster on the Parenting worry-go-round and all the shiity feelings that those thoughts have created inside you begin to build up and up and eventually you find yourself loosing it over the smallest of things.

“Put your cup in the dishwasher, its right there under the draining board for fuck sake, it’s the same movement. Open the door and put it on the top rack.”

The usual PMT thought inside my head where I’ve mentally bludgeoned him with the cup.

These are the times when you think to yourself I need to get away, I need to escape from the relentlessness of it all.



We escape by getting our hair done. Mines a 4hour round trip. The silent car journey is music to my ears. Adult conversation and flicking through the latest magazines sooth the urgency inside my head for a couple of hours.


Or, the mini girlie breaks away, where you defuse your worries over dinner and wine. Get some top quality sleep time. Wake up organically with absolutely nothing to do all day long. No planning, no organising, totally your call. The simple freedom frees the urgency from your mind.


Or you escape with the special deal. B&B and dinner with bottle of prosecco. Kid free, yous’ party like its 1999 and end up feeling like a bag of lego, in bits at the breakfast buffet the following morning.

But you out did yourself on the forward planning and booked a message for the pair of yous AFTER check out so you get full use of the leisure facilities and somebody rubs your head, neck and shoulders as you stall the urgency inside your head for another 45minutes. BLISS.

We always feel great doing these things but the problem is the feeling never last long because all the things we’re trying to escape from travel with us inside our minds, our thoughts.


There is no escape for your mind, there is no rest or break from the thoughts inside your head, they are with you 24/7.

You can distract yourself for sure with the sun holidays and weekends away but as soon as you return home
all the racing thoughts come flooding to the forefront of your mind and you find yourself back on the Parenting Worry-Go-Round where the nagging committee inside your head spins you faster and faster.

You know the committee I’m talking about. The one that insults you and makes you feel bad about making mistakes. The one that compounds regrets from the past with worries about the future. The committee that makes you feel like a shit mam, partner, sister, friend or whatever else you happen to be giving yourself a hard time about inside your head.

There is no way any of us would deliberately make a person feel like shit so its time to stop using your own thoughts to make yourself feel like shit, because its madness.


Real escape comes from learning how your mind works and prioritising the relationship you have with your own mind because the effects your thoughts have on your humour 24/7, good or bad humour, is all related to how you think about yourself inside your own head.

I’m not saying you’re going to win “Calor Kosangas Housewife of the Year” but when you begin to take control of the nagging committee inside your head you can stop scaring the shit out of yourself with worry, guilt and stress. You can stop spinning on the parenting Worry-Go-Round as you begin to slow down and put things back into proportion and make the committee inside your head more like your best mate egging you on to be the best friend ever.

Real escape starts with you prioritising time for yourself and sometime 5 minutes is all you need.

So if the above sounds familiar to you and you’re looking for some top quality “ME-TIME” I’d suggest you download my FREE 5 minute Relaxation MP3 at and start to incorporate it into your daily life.

Even if Paw Patrol is playing in the background and the kids are eating their faces off with chocolate covered chocolate at least you’ve put a stop to the relentless nagging committee inside your head which means you’ve stopped making yourself feel bad. You’ll feel ready to make the dinner even though you’ve just finished cleaning up after lunch and the 2,3,and 4 o clock snacks.


Another thing I find extremely useful for obliterating the nagging committee, is a “MIND DUMP”.

Every night before I go to bed. I write down all the spinning thoughts on a post-it, one word, a sentence just get it out of your mind and onto the post it. Then rip it up dump the pieces in the bin and sleep the sleep of my husband – head hits pillow, pass out, snoring within 5 minutes. BLISS!

(Another PMT thought where I mentally smothered him with the pillow out of pure jealously at the ability to drop into Z land so efficiently no matter what kind of day he had.)

Vivienne x

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