Periods Made Easy 2

Periods made easy using Organicup.

Organi what?

It’s a menstrual cup.

A cup, are you mad!?!?!

My thoughts were filled with images of the cups in my cupboard and me walking like a cowboy so I kept putting it off and crossing my legs at the thoughts of inserting a cup into my vagina. I know it stretches to 10cm but Jesus God, a CUP!

The turning point for me was a conversation I had as the 3 and 5 year old waited outside a closed bathroom door  which is normally unheard of in our house except for once a month.


Are you doing a poo Mammy?


Why do you need privacy Mammy?


Because why?


And on and on the inquisitive questions went until I was finished with the tampons, pads, an abundance of toilet roll and finally a nappy bag to throw it all into it ready for the bin.

I emerged from the toilet and was met with more questions.


Why have you toilet roll in a bag, did you pick your poo up with it Mammy? (we have a dog)

No, its just rubbish baby.

Are these sweets Mammy?

Quick as a flash the 3 year old has a tampon opened holding it lollipop style. Her little face wondering whats going on, priceless.


They are for Mammys only.

When I’m a Mammy can I have them?

I went online straight away and bought the Organicup.

Tried & Tested

I’ve been using it for 5 months now and I can honestly totally recommend this little cup because it made my life easier.

No more pads, I dont care if they have wings.

No more wet tampon strings.

No more wasted toilet roll.

Nappy bags only used for dog poo now.


The benefits are endless.

No more toxic crap going into my body from the tampons and pads and my girls are sorted too when in 10 years time or so they have their periods. Now thats time management!

There are 2 cups to choose from :

Cup A is for women under 30 who haven’t given birth vaginally.

Cup B is for women who have given birth.

Cup B is slightly bigger than Cup A, you can see them in the pictures below and the stem you use to take it out.

I only need to empty the cup once in the morning and once at bedtime so it’s a time saver too.

I found it easiest to insert in squat position and the same position to take it out and simply empty it direct into the toilet and flush away.

When you take it out the first time its hilarious because you feel as if something else if going to come out with it because of the word “suction”. So gently grip the steam, bear down,  and out it comes easy peasy.

I was amazed at the small amount of blood in the cup, its dense alright but I was expecting so much more given the amount of tampons and pads I use during a period. Wash it under the tap and insert again and off you pop. When your period is finished sterilize in boiling water and pop it in the little cotton bag until next month. SORTED.

The internal workings of your vagina obviously thrive when you stop using tampons because the symptoms that I was putting down to childbirth and age have disappeared since I started using the Organicup. It collects rather than absorbs, so I reckon your vagina is high fiving you from the inside out.


I urge you to give it a go because its only 24 euro (shipping is 3 euro) and 1 cup lasts up to 5 years. Now that’s a big money saver too.

I’d love to hear back from you about your experience and any tips for other women wanting to try this period breakthrough. In fairness it was invented by Leona W. Chalmers in the 1930’s and its now 2016!

I’ll say it again, women are LEGENDS.

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Best thoughts


This is the cup I use, there are loads of other types too. I am not affiliated with Organicup.


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2 thoughts on “Periods Made Easy

    • babyblog16 Post author

      Highly recommend them I’ve been using mine for 6 months now soooo makes my life easier. Slightly tricky at the beginning to insert and then take out, wide squat and bear down sorted these 2 things out. So I recommend you empty it before you go out on a night out because you defiantly want to be in your own bathroom for this part. You’ll know yourself after a couple of months when and how many times you need to empty it but once in the evening and once in the morning seems to work for me. Time saving and much cheaper than the all the tampons and pads, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

      Teenagers lives would be made much easier I reckon too