Parenting Worry-Go-Round

Parenting Worry-Go-Round


As a parent do you find yourself  juggling jobs, children, Nannys & Grandads, shopping, ironing, exams pressures, your own or your kids, cooking, cleaning and all the other STUFF that goes along with being a parent. The list is endless. Everything on that list of yours is what creates the perpetual motion on what I like to call the
Parenting Worry-Go-Round.

We continually pamper ourselves on the outside to feel good and you can distract yourself, for sure, with all the weekends away and massages, hair&make-up pampering, but you still have to deal with all the stuff in your head when you come back from holidays. There is no escape from your mind, FACT, because it travels with you.

When you learn how to run your own brain and make the inside of your mind a wonderful place to live the domino effect it has on your kids, partner and whoever else is in your direct circle, is contagious.

So its time to pamper yourself from the inside out and make friends with your own mind. Treat it and yourself to the ultimate pampering, Hypnotic Relaxation.

This is what HipMums “You’re A Parent” Workshop is all about.

When you come to the Workshop, you’ll learn a unique set of skills that you can use in your everyday life immediately, to be more stress FREE. You’ll also find that you’ll definitely enjoy your time away so much more because you are in control of what you put on your Parenting Worry-Go-Round and who knows it might just turn into a Merry-Go-Round for your family!

You are a parent and you are so worth some “YOU-Time”.

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