Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day


With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we are inundated with enticing adverts leading us up to the big day.

These adverts ignite our 5 senses.

With the moving images, the enticing scents in pretty little bottles and the uplifting music. Combine all of these and you’ve got the feel good factor.

I saw this statue of a baby the other day and I immediately thought of all the giant baby’s, pregnant women think about. (that’s a wardrobe to the left of that baby!)

Statues, adverts. They make us think.

Your mind has the ability to create larger than life thoughts and this is a great advantage when it comes to all the good stuff.

It’s a whole other story when you’re on the Worry-Go-Round creating larger than life worries.


Its definitely time to Rethink.

Whatever is on your Worry-Go-Round doesn’t have to be as big as the giant baby you created in your mind.

You can use your 5 sense to, reduce its size, to insert uplifting music and to infuse the colour and scent of those pretty little bottles and create your very own feel good factor.

Imagine that and it might be easier than you think.

Rethinking is definitely easier to do if you feel relaxed and your mind is calm so the first step is, relaxing.

As a method of relaxing, hypnosis remains unsurpassed.

So my gift to all Mothers this Mothers Day is my FREE Sanity Saving MP3. Five whole minutes of relaxing. If you’ve every used the words “Just give me 5 minutes, please?!!!”. Then this bad boy is for you to listen to this Mothers Day.


Boom, you’ve downloaded 5 minutes of “Me-Time”, because you’re worth it.

Happy Mothers Day.
Enjoy every minute. Vivienne 😉

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