Easy peasy treats for kids.

Easy peasy treats for kids.


The reason I’m sharing these is because I am no baker but these 3 sweet treats make me feel like Willy Wonka!

  1. Flapjacks
  3. Chocolates to die for (PMT chocolates for Mammy ONLY)

I’ve tried MANY times to master the usual fairy cakes and scones but all mine turn out like rocks even the husband wouldn’t eat them and he’d eat shit on a stick, in fairness (lucked out here, cause I’m not a great cook either!).

In the end I couldn’t be arsed because we have Nanny.


Nanny whips up the most amazing cup cakes with coffee icing and lemon peel icing and chocolate icing. The kids get involved, there’s loads of fun and licking of spoons and bowls, she makes it look easy and her end result ALWAYS turn out delicious and look fabulous. Nanny also LOVES ironing, she even irons knickers so I’ve lucked out with Nanny because the husband also likes baking and ironing!(he didn’t lick it off a stone!)


My Mam didn’t like ironing and wasn’t a great baker (I didn’t like it off a stone either!)but she made the most delicious Madeira cake and I always remember helping her, licking spoons and bowls and then eating a hot slice straight from the oven.


Like my Mam, I know my limits so I just needed to find one thing I could bake so I could create the same memory for my kids.


I have now mastered 3 and I feel like a legend baker!


Simple, sanity saving baking at its best because all the ingredients go into 1 large bowl, mix and pour into another large bowl.


1 you have to bake for 30mins the other 2 you stick in the freezer. Nigella, eat your heart out!


All these recipes are from susanjanewhite.com


I met this woman about 7 years ago and she brought me some of her chocolate bon bons. Jesus God they were delicious. My curiosity for healthier food kicked in.(Kale crisps are still a BIG NO so if anyone has an alternative to Keoghs Cheese&Onion crisps please email me because savoury is my nemesis )


First up, FLAPJACKS.

These are a life savour especially if you woke up late and you’re milling around the house screaming put your shoes on and brush your teeth for the 100th time. You barely have time to make the lunches let alone the breakfast so 2 of these and a banana in the car is breakfast on the go.

All measurements are in cups (I like this way of measuring ingredients, no scales necessary, grams & ounces are not easy on the sanity levels. Handfuls, cups, pinches and 1 bowl all the way :-))

I make these once every 2 weeks so buying a set of cups is a good investment.

You can see all the ingredients in the picture.


Shopping list :

Medjool dates
ground almonds
sunflower seeds
sea salt flakes
extra virgin coconut oil

I get all these ingredients in my weekly shop in Lidl. If they don’t have dates I just use raisins.

I’ve tried and tested many a coconut oil and the one I like you can buy in Lloyds Pharmacy, its usually on special for €9.95. They started doing buy one get one free so keep an eye out!

You can get the exact measurements here :


The way I do it is:

  1. Get a big mixing bowl. Throw in 2 cups of oats, 1 cup of ground almonds, half a packet of seeds, a handful of raisins, a handful of nuts, a pinch of sea salt flakes and 2 teaspoons cinnamon.
  2. Mix
  3. Melt the coconut oil in a pot mix in the honey, low heat.
  4. Pour into the big mixing bowl
  5. Mix & lick


The next 2 steps I’ve taken from Susan Janes instructions because I love the way shes put it:

6. Now you can scrape the flapjack mixture into a parchment-lined tin no bigger than a magazine page. (Love this, not a cm measurement in sight!)

7.Press down firmly with your fingers. Admire your brilliance.

Last Step:

8. Lash in the oven (150c) for 30mins.

Put the timer on.

This is REALLY REALLY important. You get caught up in many,many other things which means “Nappy Head” kicks in and the result is burnt FLAPJACKS.


Easy peasy treats for kids.


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