3 Times I use my FREE MP3 1

3 Times I use my FREE MP3

If you’ve every used the words “Just give me 5 minutes pleeeaasseeeeee”, then this bad boy MP3 is for you!




1) 12 o Clock in the afternoon.



SLIDE 4 wte

I work on HipMums stuff from 10-12 because it’s the only kid free time I have. Housework, cooking, cleaning, ironing waits til after lunch because this is the time I get some non-interrupted thinking time.

“Mammy, Mammy, Mammy, Mammy” resumes at 1.10pm SHARP. Whats the story with the constant talking of The 5 Year old???

The 3 Year gets pickup from school and the most conversation I get from her is :

“Did you bring me a surprise?”


She then happily scoffs her crusts on the drive to pick up her sister.

Having this new free thinking time since September, I’ve discovered that I need to listen to my mp3 prior to picking them up or else they very easily get on my nerves because I’m still in work mode and they keep interrupting my thought process and its normal a cracker of an idea when the chatter box decides to talk through my thoughts. Then I forget what I was thinking, I still have nappy head, 5 years on and mostly because I’ve tuned into Mammy mode.

This is EXTREMELY frustrating for all involved, so switching off before I pick them up and become Mammy again is the number 1 must time to listen to this MP3.


2) Around 3pm.


After I’ve lashed through the housework(quick tidy up and a definite hoovering),  prepped the dinner,  filled the Ikea bag with more ironing, please, please, please let Nanny Ironing visit this weekend, she LOVES IRONING, she IRONS KNICKERS.

So I’ve done homework, jigsaws, colouring in, cutting out & gluing. Ive cleaned up after lunch, the 2pm snack and the 3pm snack, I’m now wrecked and in need of a snooze.

SLIDE 3 wte

Depending on how late I’ve been up the night before working, if I’m not working I’m in bed by 8pm with a book, asleep by 8.15pm.

At 3pm I can easily listen to the 15 minute “Recharge Your Sanity” MP3 and drift into trance while they watch a movie. This 15 minutes of trance has often lasted the entire movie and I’ve woken up and felt like a new woman. If I fall asleep then I obviously needed it so I’m good with the day time napping, not for the kids though, totally wrecks their bedtime at 7PM SHARP.

More times than not I only get 5 minutes so I pop on the earphones, lie on the couch beside them and trance out for a 5 minutes. Unknowingly its on a loop so I get a 30 minute reboot, happy daze.



3) When the husband comes in from work.



Dinners in the pot babe, I’m off to listen to my mp3 and save my sanity.

This is a must time, especially if its been raining and we’ve been stuck indoors. There really is only so much my mind can take of constant talking, theme tunes to childrens programs and phonics sound cards for homework(although I do get a great laugh out of the 3 year old doing the sounds and the words that sound nothing like the sounds, “S, S … ssssssssss Paw Patrol”).

The lessons I’ve learned from listening to my MP3’s is that my mind can only take so much kid noise and this is my way of teaching the kids about comfortable silences. I also teach them this in the car in the morning.

I’m far from a chatter box in the morning but the 5 year old is full of the joys, so rather than shouting “Its 7.30 in the MORNING, sssshuuuuut up”.

Guilt free I say “Talk between yourselves girls because Mammy needs to concentrate when shes driving”.  It works a treat and only a few repetitions needed to get it into their heads.

The 3 year old is happily embracing the comfortable silences.

The 5 year old is all, “what do you think of this, what do you think of that, look at that, theres the lollipop lady I’m going to play with, lets play I spy.”  After about 3minutes of this I get –

“Mammy shes not talking to me and that’s not nice”

Me – “Some people just like to look out the window and daydream love, try it, you might like it”

2 minutes later shes singing a song and off on her little rants again but Mammy is happily concentrating on driving and doesn’t have to participate in the morning babble anymore.


You can download your FREE MP3 here:

FREE Sanity Saving MP3


Don’t sweat the small stuff, relax, recharge and rethink your way to an easier family life, Vivienne xxx

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